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This began as an innovative pilot project in 2013 and was intended to help to alleviate student stress before examinations. The first sessions were at the University of  Edinburgh following an invitation to CCST to collaborate with their Student Counselling Service in this project.

Now, in 2016, as they say the rest is history !  (See CCST website - Research Tab - Student Exam Stress, or click on Animal Magic)


The project very quickly proved to be extremely popular with students, university staff and with our Therapet volunteers. The above title was originally coined by the Student Counsellors in Edinburgh but this was quickly hi-jacked by CCST and by the many other institutes which saw and appreciated the benefits from holding sessions for their students. In 2019 CCST held 178 sessions in universities, colleges and some commercial organisations across Scotland, 11,800+ people benefited from attending these events. This is a free service to universities, colleges or places of further education.      


CCST has developed and refined guidance for managing this type of event and our aim is to give all students the same helpful experience no matter where they are studying. At the same time we need to safeguard and ensure the comfort and wellbeing of our Therapets and volunteers.

If you are interested in arranging a "Paws against Stress" event at a local university, college or place of further education please take note of the criteria and suggestions below. Download our GUIDELINE document for "Paws Against Stress"

NOTE: CCST would also arrange this type of event on commercial premises for their staff for a minimum donation of £250 when availability allows and outside of the university, college or places of further education exam times.


Please make contact with your local CCST Area Representative or with the CCST office in Edinburgh as soon as you begin to consider hosting a session for students in your locality.

You should try to arrange an early meeting at the site proposed for the session and consider some of the following issues.


            Venue -  Adequate size of meeting room - carpeted or not - ease of access for dogs - ventilation.


            Waiting Room - Students often arrive early and a separate room or space is required where they can be checked in wait quietly for their time slot                 with the dogs.


            Parking - Convenient parking, free if possible and close to the venue for inclement weather.


            Number of Therapets -  For busy sessions we use  a team of six Therapets and their volunteer handlers. This will vary depending on likely                         attendance but a large space is    necessary to avoid too close proximity and to allow students to move about the room with ease and minimal                       disturbance.


            Choice of Therapets - The Therapet dogs must be very sociable and relaxed in novel and busy situations. We try to offer the students attending                 any session a choice of dog breeds to meet, and/or a variety of sizes and breed types.


            Timing - We normally run the session for a maximum of two hours. Experience has shown that the dogs are tired and lose concentration and interest             at longer sessions. This gives a possible attendance of 144 students in 6 groups of 4 students for 20 minutes each with the 6 dogs.


            Risk Assessment - We will provide an appropriate risk assessment and details of the CCST Public Liability Insurance as necessary.


For further information please contact the CCST Office on 0131 553 0034, or email to , or contact your local CCST Area Representative using the link to Area Representatives on the CCST website.      

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