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Therapet Visiting Service Recommencement

Dear Members and Therapet Volunteers We recently sent you our 'Pathway to Visiting' document and we are now excited to announce that our Board has agreed that Therapet Visiting Services may resume from Monday 27th September 2021. While we realise that COVID numbers are relatively high, guidelines from the Scottish Government are allowing most organisations to resume normal service and enquiries about our visits have been prolific! Some organisations, and indeed some volunteers, may not yet be ready to participate and in no way do we wish to pressurise any volunteers to return to visiting. Therapet Visiting Service recommencement requires all volunteers to

  • Follow our updated visiting guidelines

  • Pay Membership for 2021 to cover insurance

  • Contact the place you wish to visit to determine whether visiting would be permitted

  • Follow the requirements for places to be visited in relation to PPE, lateral flow testing and vaccinations (and if social distancing is >1m you cannot visit)

  • Complete and return to the office the Statement of Fitness before visiting commences

  • Ensure all Therapets are up to date with their vaccinations/titration test and parasite control – there may be a delay here as some vets are still working through their backlog.

  • Check in with your Area Representative to confirm if you are resuming visits and if so, to which place.

We know that the NHS is not yet prepared to allow us access, therefore our focus will be on private care homes, hospices, universities and colleges, and other organisations. Schools around the country differ in their requirements and it may be after the October break before many consider resuming our sessions. If you would like to resume visiting from 27th September, now would be a good time to start contacting places to discuss. Our Statement of Fitness forms were posted to all volunteers last month. Please complete and return these to the office at your earliest convenience (a photo/email will suffice). Joint members intending to visit will both need to sign the form or request a supplementary form if required. Keep in touch with your Area Representative or our Office, particularly if you have any queries or concerns Take care everyone and let's hope our Therapets enjoy getting lots of cuddles as they get back to 'work'.

Kind Regards Mel

Mel Hughes


Canine Concern Scotland Trust

81-85 Portland Street

Edinburgh EH6 4A

0131 553 0034 / 07517 363 158

CCST is a registered Scottish Charity No: SC014924 managing the Therapet® Visiting Service since 1988

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