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THERAPET® Hazel becomes a MUM..!

Therapet Hazel with volunteer Marion Stobie have been visiting with the charity since late 2019 and then we all know what happened in March 2020!

They have attended various Therapet events including Paws Against Stress, care homes and very successfully 1-2-1 visiting to an elderly person in their home.

But for now Hazel’s mothering duties take up all her attention and will do for the weeks ahead. The five adorable working cocker spaniels all have homes to go to and are now around three weeks old.

In the future Therapet Hazel hopes to get reassessed to be able to work with children, which will increase the variety Marion and her can do with the charity.

We wish the puppies all the success in their new homes when the time comes and who knows maybe one or some might follow in mums paws steps as Therapets!

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