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Scottish Curriculum features our Canine Crew

We are proud to share that our Therapet® Canine Crew feature in the latest edition of a textbook/ebook used in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. The ‘BGE S1-3. Third & Fourth Level. English’, focuses on developing confidence and strengthening literacy skills through talking, listening, writing, critical reading, reading for understanding, analysis and evaluation for pupils aged 11-14years. Featuring an interview with Aberdeen Airport Duty Manager, Fraser Bain, and a photo of some of our Canine Crew, the extract talks about the impact the dogs have had at the airport and pupils have to read and answer questions on this as part of one of their practice tests that are laying the foundation for their future National Qualifications.

What a great way for youngsters to engage in their lessons with real life application and learn about Therapets at the same time!

Picture above: CCST Trustee Director and one of Aberdeen Area Representatives Diane Wood with Therapet Breagh, CCST volunteer Amy McKenzie with Therapet Noodle and CCST volunteer Bill Ledingham with Therapet Grace.

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