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HYPOTHERMIA in Dogs: Points To Be Aware Off

At this time of year when we’re getting all wrapped up to go outside, it can be easy to forget about how the cold might affect our 4 legged family members!

A little reminder that as the days get colder some pets may need a coat or to have shorter walks if it’s particularly nippy. This is especially important in short haired and older pets!

It is also a good idea to bathe your dog’s paws after a walk to get rid of the salt and grit put down on icy pavements. This can be a real irritant and can be particularly painful if the skin becomes broken. Applying a soothing cream would help that.

So if your dog does get a bit carried away with having fun in the snow be aware that they may need some emergency treatment for hypothermia if they show any of the signs below.

As always your own vets are there if you need any advice. Give them a call if you have any worries, and enjoy the snow!

Some signs of hypothermia to look out for in dogs:

· Shivering and/or trembling (an early indicator)

· Muscle stiffness

· Fur and skin feeling cold to the touch

· Low energy, displaying lethargy/weakness

· Paleness (this can be checked by lifting their lips to see the colour of their gums)

· Bad coordination (stumbling/falling over)

· Shallow breathing

· Dilated pupils (in severe cases)

Picture: example of what you could do with your dog (but always seek vets advice).

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