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Help volunteer Sarah Mahon in her fundraising swim for THERAPET®

Sarah will be taking part in the historic “Kessock Ferry Swim” in Inverness this weekend. This annual event started in 1946 but has not taken place for over 50 years. The local community revived it and Sarah, who swims regularly in the sea but has never participated in an event such as this, will be taking part to raise funds for our charity. This classic route from South to North Kessock and back is approximately 1200m long and Sarah will brave the tide and cold water to complete it.

Volunteer Sarah and her 10yr old Therapet, Holly, a Bichon Frise visit people on a 1-2-1 basis in their homes through collaboration with the Berwickshire Housing Association BeFriend project. They have also recently begun participating in our ‘Reading with Dogs’ programme where pupils at Eyemouth High School take turns to read stories to Holly to develop their literacy and confidence.

If you can, please support Sarah’s fundraising swim at Kessock by donating at

To find out more about the Kessock Ferry Swim go to>>

Thank you in advance and good luck to Sarah on Saturday 25th June 2022

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