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Volunteer Patricia McMahon, with Therapet® Bessie, were making their way home from a “Paws Against Stress” event in Glasgow recently. Patricia and Bessie had travelled to the event from Bellshill by train to save taking the car into the city. When you volunteer with Therapet you never know what will happen; usually people will come up and talk to Bessie and because they see her Therapet lead flash, they ask what a Therapet is. This often happens. While in Central Station trying to work out which platform they needed to go home, there was a production crew filming for tv programme ‘Inside Glasgow Central’. The next thing Patricia knew was the crew wanted wee Bessie, a “lovely Brindle French Bull Dog”, to be filmed getting her ticket. They chatted to Patricia about what a Therapet is, where they visit and how people benefit from a visiting Therapet. As she had a well-earned snooze on the train later, all Bessie was thinking about was that she might be on the telly, hoping they caught her best side profile!

Well done Patricia and Therapet Bessie for promoting the great work our Therapets do in such an impromptu and unexpected way!

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