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Ask your future MSP to pledge to do More for Scotland’s Animals

More for Scotland’s Animals is a campaign run by eleven of the UK’s leading animal welfare organisations. Here is some information on how you may get involved.

In May, Scotland will have a new Government and 129 new and returning MSPs. We want to send a huge signal to all of them that they must do more for Scotland’s animals in the next Parliament.

Our wild, companion and farmed animals all need better laws to enable them to flourish and protect them from harm. Newly elected MSPs will have the power to introduce these laws, but they will only do it if they understand how important animals are to their constituents.

We are calling on everyone who is putting themselves forward to be an MSP to pledge to do more for Scotland’s animals, and you can help. Take this action and you will send an email to all the MSP candidates in your constituency asking them to make the pledge. Every email they get will remind them just how important animals are to us. If they have already signed the pledge, your action will send them a thank you email instead.


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