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Bring your Dog to Work Day in Lockdown!

Hi - my name is Romey.

Normally I come to work with my 'Mum', Lesley who is the Office Supervisor for Therapets here in Edinburgh. I love seeing my friends Norma and Carole there every day too - they also work in the office and give me special treats when I am feeling a bit bored waiting for my Mum to finish work and take me to the park. I have a whole box of toys and chews there too!

Sadly the office is closed for now, and we don't go there like we used to, but I don't understand why.

I miss seeing my furry friends Luna, Bella and Roxy who used to pop into the office sometimes and we had a play together, and they got treats too. It makes the office a very nice place to work and if we have a stressful day, everyone gives me an extra hug and we all feel better. I hope I will be going back to the office soon to see everyone, but we don't know when that will be, so in the meantime I am keeping Mum company at home while she works on her laptop. I lie in my bed beside where she is working or I lie on the couch and watch her (see photo). If she stops for coffee - I usually get a couple of sausages (my favourite treat) and that helps to pass the time. When she is finished work, I am very happy as I know we will soon be going out for a lovely walk in the park and to play with my football.

Take care of yourselves everyone and stay safe - woof!

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