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School dog schemes have huge impact - if done properly

The wellbeing of dogs brought into schools is paramount, says Ciara Farrell of the Kennel Club

The introduction of dogs in schools has grown in both awareness and popularity over recent years, something that is perhaps unsurprising given the many benefits that dogs bring, such as their companionship, calming influence and unconditional love.

However, just as with having a dog in your home, it is vital that thorough research and preparation has been carried out to ensure your school can provide a suitable environment for any dog that is brought in, and that their health and welfare is not compromised for the sake of having them in the classroom.

TO READ THE FULL ARTICLE - Please clink on this link

With permission of the The Kennel Club

Picture above: Danny the Greyhound, Bark and Read. Credit Heidi Hudson and the Kennel Club

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