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"Bring Your Dog to Work Day"

Did you know it is "Bring Your Dog to Work Day" on Friday 21st June 2019

Virtually every day “Romey” (Greyhound/Saluki cross) and his owner Lesley Bird - CCST’s office Admin Supervisor comes to work with her. On occasion Therapet “Luna” (Whippet/Bedlington cross) visits him for the odd treat as her owner, Walter, works on the premises. Our third regular doggie visitor in the picture is “Roxy” a German Wire Haired Pointer, owned by our landlord, who also pops in for her treats from the admin team. A truly dog friendly office and so it should be!

Therapet “Luna” has visited with Norma at Findlay House and has taken part in a few Paws events.

Picture above:

Admin Supervisor Lesley with Romey, Administrator Carole with Roxy and Administrator Norma with Therapet Luna

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