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Meet the Therapet dogs bringing joy to hospice patients

An Edinburgh hospice said the impact Therapets have on improving patient mood is ‘phenomenal’.

Bounding towards the front door with their tails wagging in excitement, Maddie and Morgan's presence bring smiles to all who set eyes on them.

They stop in delight when approached for a pet and lap up the attention as they willingly cuddle in.

It's a sight which makes volunteers Ruth Davis and Jennifer Somerville proud having watched the Cocker Spaniels embrace their role of 'Therapet' with abundant energy.

For the past 18 months, twins Ruth and Jennifer have been bringing Maddie and Morgan to St Columba's Hospice every fortnight to interact with the patients, staff and visitors.

The playful dogs, also twins, have been accredited by Canine Concern Scotland Trust (CCST) and are now a proud part of the 600-strong volunteer base at the Edinburgh hospice which provides specialist palliative and end of life care to people with terminal illnesses and their families across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Having been around dogs all of his life, in-patient Ian Gordon was delighted when the four-legged friends entered his room while his family were visiting.

"It brightens you up a bit and it takes away what you are feeling within yourself," Ian says while petting Maddie and Morgan. "It's very therapeutic."

As Maddie and Morgan continue to enjoy the cuddles, the conversation naturally drifts to Ian's own dog Patch, who has been with the family since he was a pup.

"They are man's best friend," he says, speaking about his love of dogs.

To continue reading the full article please go to :- Follow this link to STV News

Picture above CCST volunteers Ruth Davis and Jennifer Somerville with Therapets Maddie and Morgan

Picture below Therapets Morgan and Maddie at St Columba's Hospice

Listing is an extract from STV News website and permission has been authorised for this.

Pictures property of STV News media all rights reserved, unauthorised use prohibited

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