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Fife Therapets Team Up With Fostering Compassion

CCST Therapets were invited along to one of Fostering Compassion’s workshops for children from Chernobyl on Monday July 9th.

Fostering Compassion along with the Chernobyl Children's Lifeline Trust and Swiis Foster Care in Fife held a specially adapted Storytelling and Reading with Dogs workshop with the help of an interpreter. It was a huge success and wonderful to hear the children re-tell the story they'd heard, to the dogs - in Russian!

Fife Area representative June Hutton organised a small group of Therapets in Fife to attend which included; Therapets Cody, Ralph and Jilli.

Canine Concern Scotland Trust regularly works with Lesley from Fostering Compassion with her workshops throughout Scotland. We provide suitably assessed Therapets to come along during the day to meet the children and their parents.

Once again thank you to Fostering Compassion for the invite and look forward to working with you again.

Pictures with kind permission of Fostering Compassion

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