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Canine Concern Scotland Trust – 30th Anniversary

Canine Concern Scotland Trust was formed in April 27th 1988 by Marjorie Henley Price to help dogs and their owners, and to improve their position in present-day society.

Its aims are to:

Provide an educational service to promote responsible dog ownership in Scotland by visiting schools to reach dog owners of the future, or to give talks, supply useful literature and advice to any interested Community Groups.

Establish and manage a service to be known as "Therapet".

Further the role and care of dogs in Scotland, either directly or in co-operation with Government, Local Authorities and other organisations in Scotland, whether charitable or not.

Promote research into the therapeutic value of dogs to patients or others isolated from normal association with pets.

Here we are thirty years later and the charity has expanded in many different ways

  • We now have an office with three paid part time staff.

  • 850+ Therapets visiting in care homes, hospitals, hospices, brain injury units, stroke units, day centres, special needs groups, one to one visits, secure units and prisons. This is our core work and yearly, 18,000 – 20,000+ people benefit from this service.

  • “Paws Against Stress” sessions in 2017 saw 9,000+ students benefit from this type of event in Scotland.

  • “Reading With Dogs” a new initiative (started in 2016) which is gathering pace in 2017 saw 900+ students benefit from this type of programme in Scotland.

  • Children benefiting from our Dog Phobia work through CAMHS units throughout the whole of Scotland.

  • Last but not least – Our Educational work in Nursery’s, Schools and visiting youth groups such as Brownies/Guides/Scouts/Boys Brigade-Anchor-Junior-Company-Senior/youth projects/YPI.

A “Big Thank You” to all who have helped CCST over our first thirty years and to those who give up their precious time to volunteer with their pets to make a difference to others.

CEO Nick Henley Price and Trustees

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