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Dog therapy charity gets pawsome boost from animal-loving family

A charity using friendly dogs to support people in need of companionship has been given a funding boost thanks to an animal-loving family.

The Therapet service has almost 100 volunteers working with dogs to help keep people calm, and even overcome their phobias, across the north-east.

The volunteers give up their time to take their four-legged friends around care homes and schools meeting pensioners and youngsters who could benefit from some time with a cuddly pooch.

And Therapet, which is part of Canine Concern Scotland, has now been given more than £1,000 from the family of Anne Meldrum, who died at the end of November.

At her funeral service last week, her daughter Anne Meldrum and relatives asked for donations for the charity in lieu of flowers.

Ms Meldrum said: “She always loved animals and helping people, so we had a look for a local charity that would fit the bill and found Therapet.

“Thanks to the generosity of all of our friends and family, we’ve managed to raise £1,004.

“And because my mum was a speech therapist and worked a lot with children, it’s made this donation even more special.”

Fiona Watts, from Therapet said: “The Therapets visit care homes, hospital wards, residential communities and we even do a little bit of dog phobia work, when asked.

“And we go to schools as well for children having trouble with reading. They read their books out loud to our dogs, who are excellent listeners and help them to feel free to read.”

To find out more about the service, visit

Picture above LtoR, Rona Meldrum, Therapet Bruno with CCST Area Representative Fiona Watts.

Picture by Jim Irvine (picture property of the photographer, all rights reserved, unauthorised use prohibited)

Written by Kieran Beattie

With kind permission of Press and Journal

This article appeared in the Press and Journal 16th Dec 2017.

Full online edition at Press and Journal

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