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Therapet makes an impact in Warout PSS!

Brewster the Labrador has been visiting Warout Pupil Support Centre since last October. He visits on Tuesday mornings and Thursday afternoons, most weeks, with his owner Pauline Fraser.

The young people in the Support Centre find it difficult to settle into their own busy mainstream classroom. The Centre in Warout aims to support learning and inclusion. Pupils benefit from access to a bespoke package of support which improves educational experiences and positive life outcomes.

Having Brewster has had a positive impact on the children’s educational development. Brewster visits some weeks, bringing in tales from his holidays. He sends the children postcards, which they enjoy reading. He also brings magazines and newspapers from his holidays. On a recent trip to Germany he sent photographs which prompted the children to research the area where he was on holiday, and to learn a few German phrases. This then further prompted the children to write letters to Brewster about their holidays and to share these letters with him.

Brewster’s visits have had a massive impact on a couple of children in particular. Both are boys, both were reluctant readers. Since Brewster’s visits they have both gained confidence in reading and are both now more willing to take part in reading activities.

Warout Pupil Support centre nominated Brewster for ‘Therapet of the Year’ as part of the annual Canine Concern Therapet Awards. Although he didn’t win this year, he is still our Therapet of the Year!!

This article appeared in Fife Councils online website on Monday 27 Nov 2017

To see full article with pictures go to Fife Councils online website

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