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New Chairman Of Trustees for CCST

CCST announces their new Chairman of Trustees:

The Trustees are delighted to announce that they have invited Allan Sim to become the new Chairman of Canine Concern Scotland Trust.

George Leslie has decided to step down from holding this position over the last nine years, but George will still remain as a valuable Trustee to the trust.

Allan is a Chartered Accountant and was the senior director of an Edinburgh firm of accountants and business advisers. He first became interested in dogs following his appointment as Secretary and Treasurer of The Scottish Kennel Club, a position which he held from May 1977 to December 2003. During that time, he developed a considerable knowledge of and interest in all aspects of canine matters and he held various positions at The Kennel Club in London. His marriage to Anna introduced him to ‘living with Scotties’ but the current ‘boss of the house’ is Snoopy, a rescue greyhound. A close interest in the work of Canine Concern Scotland developed over the years and it was therefore a considerable honour to be appointed as a Trustee in 2004.Although his principal input comes from his expertise in charities, finance and canine matters generally, he hopes to have more time in the future to offer more practical support.

At the same time John Stead has decided to stand down as a Trustee from CCST. The Trustees would like to acknowledge the sterling work John has carried out for CCST since its inception and for his input as a Trustee since 2001. We wish you all the best John.

See link for more information ~ Trustees

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