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Derek Paints a Picture for CCST Fund Raiser

Canine Concern Scotland Trust have been given a painting by blind artist Derek O’Rourke to raise funds for CCST. The picture he has given us is of Daisy, a cross Chihuahua/Jack Russell who belongs to one of Derek's friends. We are looking possibly for bids or a donation starting off around the £100 mark.

The painting measures 26 inches or 67 cms square approximately.

Here is some information on Derek taken from his website (

Hi my artistic name is DMO’R which is actually the initials of my name Derek McLean O’Rourke so I thought it sounded cool. I was in the Royal Navy finishing as a Petty Officer Then joined the Fire Service until my eyes gave up, but I always say it could be worse and there are people worse off than me. I am Registered Blind now and my eyes are deteriorating all the time.

I have a rare condition called Angeoid Streaks a form of blood leaking into my eyes.

And to paint through a magnifying glass with a small brush. I have a reasonably clear spot in the top right hand corner of my right eye. I have to sort of push my eye up to look through the clear spot and it is difficult to keep it in this position for a long time, I would say it is like painting through a keyhole. I can only see my paintings from a few inches away through a magnifying glass and as it gets farther from my eyes it gets more blurred so I can‘t appreciate any of my paintings. So I have to ask other people what the paintings are like for instance I painted my dog and it had a leg missing. I started painting just over 18 months ago when I went to Blind Veterans UK in their Brighton in centre formerly St Dunstan’s, on an art course. Dave who we call the Doc is a fantastic teacher. From that day on I just wanted to keep on painting I find it very relaxing and takes my mind off all my other aches and pains mentally .and physically. If it was not for Blind Veterans UK I would still be sitting here twiddling my thumbs.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and possibly making a generous bid for this donated painting.

All bids made through CCST website on

Or by phoning the office between 10am – 1pm Monday to Friday.

Leaving full contact details when doing so.

Closing date for bids or a donation must be made before Sunday May 21st 2017


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