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Busking For CCST – A Different way of Fund Raising!

Stonehaven’s Mackie Academy had a different way of making people aware of CCST and at the same time carrying out some fundraising. With the permission of Aberdeen City Council pupils from the Academy came up with the idea of drawing the public’s attention to the work our volunteers do through Therapet visits by busking for an hour outside the Winter Gardens in Duthie Park, Aberdeen on the first of October. This created lots of interest from passes by. Towards the end of their session a large group of students approached and after a few minutes listening, joined in. It became a very friendly singsong. These were members of a student choir from Nankai University, Beijing who were singing at the University in Aberdeen. They helped the girls raise £130, which was greatly appreciated. The Academy pupils were joined by CCST volunteers and their visiting Therapets: Robby McRobb with Therapet Sasha, Fiona Watts with Therapet Bruno and Miriam Hamilton with Therapet Glen.

Picture above Pupils and CCST volunteers with Therapets L-R>> Bruno - Sasha - Glen

Picture below Mackie Pupils and the Beijing Choir with Therapets

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