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Could Your Pet Be a Therapet? Canine Concern Needs You!

Living it Up popped along to visit Canine Concern at their stall in Musselburgh over the weekend.

The charity's wildly successful 'Therapet' project is looking for volunteers and their dogs to come along for visits to places needing a furry friendly face, like care homes and hospitals.

Would you like to get involved?

Do you like the sound of visiting a local care home with your pooch? All dog breeds have the potential to become Therapets. It's the temperament of the dog, rather than the breed or size that factors in to whether or not they would be suitable for Therapet work and, before volunteering, dogs are given an assessment to see if they'd cope.

James Macdonald, Trustee and Area Rep, told us: >>>> To read the whole article follow the link to "Living it Up" magazine/website.

"Living it Up" has given their kind permission for CCST to link this article to this online feature.

Picture above; Therapet Jess with her owner CCST Administrator Lesley Bird & Trustee James Macdonald

Picture above; Therapet Jess looking for some volunteers

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