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Fund Raising in Auchterarder

CCST Volunteer Wilma Hutcheson’s work as a Therapet Volunteer has not gone unnoticed. Along with her daughter Rachel and their two Therapets Daisy and Mya they visit different places and love visiting the 1st Auchterarder Rainbows where CCST volunteer Rachel explains the work that Daisy and Mya do for CCST. One of the mums, who’s daughter attends the Rainbows, Catriona Glen, has a shop called Child After Child. After the dogs being at Rainbows she decided to raise money through the 5p bag tax money and from the sale of items donated to her shop for the CCST.

The proceeds from both enabled Catriona to present a cheque for £330 to the Rainbows group leader Wilma Hutcheson for Canine Concern Scotland Trust. Whoever said do not to work with children and animals has clearly never met these two amazing Therapets Daisy and Mya.

Picture: Cheque Presentation at 1st Auchterarder Rainbows, Catriona Glen (right) and Wilma Hutcheson. With Therapets Daisy and Mya at the Rainbows.

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