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3 New Furry Volunteers For The Hospice

The following article is taken from St Columba's Hospice Spring Magazine called Life

Meet Brodie, Flash and Yassie-

The Hospice’s fluffiest new team members!

The three dogs are Therapets, which means they come to the Hospice to provide therapy for patients. The lovely dogs come in (with their owners) to the Hospice and spend time in the Day Hospice lounge and on the Inpatient Unit.

Animals have been used to provide therapy for many years, in fact animals have been used in care for hundreds of years and Florence Nightingale also recommended patients have animals to keep them company.

Therapets are usually dogs, but other >>>> To read the whole article follow the link to St Columba’s Hospice magazine/website. AND go to “page 6”

St Columba’s Hospice in Edinburgh has given their kind permission for CCST to link this article to their magazine "Life".

Also have a look at what Chief Executive – Jackie Husband had to say about Therapets in the second paragraph on page 3

Picture; Brodie one of the visiting Therapets at St Columba’s Hospice

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