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Elgin High School Visit from CCST

Duncan McCook – The Home/School Laison Officer for Elgin High School wrote;

A few weeks ago we had an extremely successful visit by Therapets at our school (Elgin High school in Moray) to help support our pupils with/for exam stress. The visit was a huge success and everyone involved really enjoyed the experience coming away far more relaxed. Pupils and staff alike were both de-stressed by the presence of the very well behaved dogs. I have had lots of feedback from pupils who felt it “was really nice relaxing with the dogs”, “nice to finally relax in school at exam time” everyone felt it was extremely useful and “wanted more”.

For weeks now the pupils are always asking when are the dogs coming back, a lot of the pupils really feel the dogs visits improved mood and revision and as a result gained better grades. I felt the dogs handlers contributed hugely to the experience, they were calm, encouraging and positive and guided the pupils and staff to just relaxing and chill with the dogs.

Again a big thanks and full marks for the experience from Elgin High school.

Picture Courtesy of The Northern Scot

This picture appeared in “The Northern Scot” newspaper on January 15th 2016.

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