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Reading With Dogs

Friday 22nd January saw the first official Scottish school based Reading With Dogs session run by CCST.

Two of our fabulous THERAPETS, Scruffy the cross breed with volunteer Elspeth Junkies and Dylan the Cocker Spaniel with volunteer Anne-Marie Campbell were on hand, bright eyes and waggy tailed to meet the youngsters at Bannockburn Primary School in Stirlingshire of our 6 week pilot.

The aim of the project is to encourage children who are disengaging or struggling with reading to read to the dog who won't judge. The hope being if the children enjoy reading it will encourage then to read more and their reading will improve.

Four individual children took place in what proved to be an extremely successful initial session but it is hoped that this will increase to 6 for the remaining sessions. Scruffy and Dylan also joined the P1 classes for a little story time.


Lynsey Thomson Trustee & Area Representative for Stirlingshire

Therapet Dylan

Therapet Scruffy

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