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Spencer Award for Therapet of The Year 2015

This award was donated by Tom and Dorothy Wilkins, whose Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, SPENCER, was the very first dog to be registered in the Therapet scheme, way back in 1988.

This year we received 10 nominations in respect of Therapets all of whom do magnificent work and of whom their owners can be justifiably proud. Unfortunately there can only be one winner and the selection of the winner falls to our Trustees to decide – a very difficult task indeed! In fact only eight of our Trustees vote – the ninth, the Chairman, is held in reserve for a casting vote in case of a tie for the award. It is interesting to note that once again this year a casting vote was not required although this year the voting for winner and runner-up was again extremely close

All nominated Therapets receive a certificate of nomination and a special rosette.

The WINNER of THERAPET OF THE YEAR FOR 2015 is Boxer “BRUCE” very proudly owned by Patricia McMahon of Bellshill, Glasgow.

Read more go to CCST AWARDS PAGE

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