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Rescue Greyhound Blue continues his ‘winning ways’

Blue the first ex-racing Greyhound to join the Therapet pet visiting team in Perthshire, won the hearts of the residents and staff when he went to visit the “THE GRANGE” CARE HOME Balbeggie with his owner Gwenda Findlay from Perth.

Blue retired from racing in 2012 at the age of 4years and during his career won 19 of his 66 races.

Blue was rehomed by the Retired Greyhound Trust and was a rather nervous panicky dog when he first went to stay with Gwenda and her family in Perth. However helped by their Labrador Ben he quickly adopted to his new relaxed way of life.

Greyhounds are now being used globally for pet therapy due to their gentle and loving nature, so becoming a Therapet volunteer was a natural choice for Blue`s new owners.

Words and picture by Perth Area Representative Harry Grieg

This article appeared in the COURIER November 16th 2015

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