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CCST welcomes new trustee

CCST welcomes new trustee;

The Trustees are delighted to announce that they have invited Norma Murray to become a Trustee in place of Rita Percival who has decided to retire after 15 years of service.

Norma joined the Trust in 1998 when she registered rescued Lhasa Apso Simba as a Therapet.

In 2000 she became our Area Representative for Tayside and has never looked back!

Norma works tirelessly for the Trust. First and foremost she organises the Therapet Service in Tayside brilliantly. She is really good with prospective volunteers and prospective Therapets and is a great help to them when they start visiting. Norma has made excellent contacts with homes and institutions of many different types and she along with her team of Volunteers and Therapets have made a real impact in her area.

Norma is very pro-active when it comes to publicity for the Therapet Service. Over the years she has organised some great coverage in the newspapers and she has made appearances on TV and radio and she gives talks on the Therapet Service to interested groups.

See link for more information ~ Trustees

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