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“Storytelling and Reading with Dogs” A workshop with Canine Concern Scotland Trust

Reading to dogs workshops June 2015.jpg

What a wonderful afternoon we had today with our brand new ‘Storytelling and Reading with Dogs’ workshop. Firstly, thank you to Ruth Kirkpatrick from Stories Allways, who specialises in storytelling for children’s wellbeing and secondly, thank you to our fabulous Therapet team provided by Canine Concern Scotland. A small but highly effective workshop saw the children listening intently to Ruth’s stories then snuggling up with four Therapets and reading them stories. We were joined by Woody the Saluki, Ness the Labrador, Daisy the Yorkie and Luke the Retriever. One of the children was very wary of dogs prior to the Therapet team arriving. However, he took an instant shine to little Daisy the Yorkie and barely left her side. By the end of the workshop he was cuddling and patting every dog there - an astounding turnaround. Some of the children drew pictures at the end of the workshop showing how much they enjoyed the dogs’ visit. Thank you to everyone for making this workshop such a success - I think the adults had as much fun as the children (but don’t tell anyone!)

The wonderful Therapet team arriving from Canine Concern Scotland - Woody the Saluki. Luke the Retriever, Ness the Labrador and Daisy the Yorkie

Words & Picture: Lesley Winton Project Manager Fostering Compassion

This article was taken from the Fostering Compassion Facebook Page, see link for more pictures

11698362_406218769583350_3159743450811720226_n cropped.jpg

Picture drawn by one of the children at this event

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