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Therapet volunteers visiting NHS Forth Valley Hospitals

DSC_1994 NHS Foprth Valley.jpg

On Friday 12th June, Therapet Oscar, volunteer Claire Jones and Trustee and Area Representative Lynsey Thomson visited patients and staff at Stirling Community Hospital. The visit was to mark the re-launch of Therapet volunteers visiting NHS Forth Valley Hospitals. Oscar, the Tibetan Terrier is a new recruit along with is owner Claire. They only became volunteers last month but were eager to start work. Today they visited the patients in Ward 2 at Stirling Community Hospital and took a walk in the gardens with Jean, one of the patients for a photo shoot to mark the occasion. Oscar and Claire will be visiting all the wards at Stirling Community Hospital on a regular basis.

Picture; L-R Nursing Assistant Juliette Marshall, Patient Jane Hirst, Therapet Oscar, Volunteer Claire Jones and Trustee Lynsey Thomson.

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