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Therapet Kerri and CBBC’s “My Pet & Me”

Kerri visits Robin House With Frame.jpg
Therapet volunteer Isabel Atkinson has been taking part in filming with Therapet Kerri, a Shih Tzu for the forth coming series for the BBC children’s channel CBBC

First Shown on 9th December 2014. Check BBC IPLayer if you missed this.

Kerri had a busy three days filming with the BBC TV crew at Robin House, Balloch, Dunbartonshire and everyone agreed she was a little star.

Isabel was completely unaware just how involved Kerri would be in the filming and had thought it would be a walk on and walk off part. But instead Kerri was in every scene. During the three days filming the TV crew were very good and allowed Kerri plenty of rest periods during all the different takes. A few of them stated they would like to take her home with them as she was such a good natured little dog!

Isabel said “it was an enlightening experience to see how hard the crews work, and I will no longer complain about the Licence Fee!!”

The programme series of 20 episodes is called “My Pet and Me” and this episode will last approximately twenty minutes. It will be aired early in the New Year of 2015. Once aired the BBC will send Isabel a much earned and treasured copy on DVD of all Kerri’s hard work on the programme.

Isabel and Kerri have been visiting at Robin House since December 2013. Their Therapet duties also include fortnightly visits at Castleview Care home in Dumbarton.

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