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Paws for thought as Sparky takes on pet therapy role

A Jack Russell has found a new calling in life – as a pet therapist.Seven year old Sparky – who lives with owner Wullie Bell in Blantyre – is now part of Canine Concern Scotland Trust’s band of helpful hounds.

Sparky’s new job consists of visiting Avonhaugh Care Home, Stonehouse, every second Thursday to see the older people by letting them stroke him.

He is part of the Trust’s Therapet Visiting Service, which was set up after various studies highlighted the therapeutic role dogs can play within the rehabilitation process.

Owner Wullie (62) said: “All the old people love Sparky and they always look forward to him going along.

”Avonhaugh resident Margaret McNicol said: “We love it when Sparky comes to visit as we don’t have pets.For dog lovers it is a real treat seeing and patting Sparky.

”Wullie added: “ It’s also helping the wee fella out as well. He was thrown out of his last home and I took him in. “It must have been quite traumatic for him.

“These visits are helping him out now and he enjoys being stroked by the residents.

” Courtesy of Hamilton AdvertiserThis article apeared in the November 10th 2011 issue

Picture:- Avonhaugh residents Margaret McNichol (left) and Christine Innes meet Sparky and his owner Wullie Bell.


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