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A pair of dogs from Angus have helped the district take the lead in a national canine awards programme.

Red setters Maeve and Bridget have shared the honour of being named Scotland’s Therapets of the Year in a Canine Concern Scotland Trust celebration, which also saw the organiser of the charity’s Tayside group receive a top honour.

The two dogs and owner Ruth Findlay are regular visitors at a number of places in Angus and beyond, including the Beech Hill home in Lour road, Forfar.

The programme is co-ordinated by Norma Murray, of Arbroath, who has been named as the charity’s organiser of the year for the second time.

Mrs Murray hopes the Angus success may encourage other pet lovers to join the Therapet programme, adding to the tally of 22 owners and their dogs.

“As organiser for Tayside and Angus, I knew that Ruth was getting the award but I was gobsmacked when my name came up”, said Norma.

“I enjoy what I do but it is nice when people say ‘well done’”.

“What we are really looking for is more owners to become involved in the scheme because the interaction between the dogs and the residents is so special,” added Mrs Murray. She can be contacted on 01241 828451.

“The main requirements are a calm dog and a calm owner who knows their pet will be happy visiting places like residential homes for people to enjoy contact with the dogs,” said Mrs Murray. The type of dog is not important as long as it has the temperament to be a Therapet. We have everything from my Lhasa Apso, Simba, to a Rottweiler and a St Bernard.

In the picture Bridget and Maeve spread cheer at Beech Hill with (from left) Bill Findlay, Charlotte Walsh, Norma Murray, Sheonagh MacKinnon and Ruth Findlay.

Picture taken by "Photos on Location, Forfar. Tel 07769-555951"


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