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The Presentation and Awards Luncheon has taken place in November since the Trust’s inception, and this is a list of previous winners of the three main awards in the following categories: -

Spencer Award for Therapet

of The Year







   2019 Beagle NOODLE and

             volunteer Amy McKenzie

   2018 Golden Retriever CORRIB and

             volunteer Catherine Kenny

   2017 Whippet DAISY and

             volunteer June Symmons

   2016 Greyhound MEGAN and

             volunteer Linda Whitby

   2015 Boxer BRUCE and

             volunteer Patricia McMahon

   2014 Retriever BEN and

            volunteers Alan and Alison Mundie

   2013 Border Terrier BONNIE and

            volunteer Anne Cameron

   2012 Boxer PEPPER and 

            volunteers Willie & Alyson Raworth

   2011 English Setter LUCY, Labrador ANNA and                     volunteer Val Burns 

   2010 Irish Setters, Maeve and Bridget and

            volunteer Ruth Findlay

   2009 Golden Retriever KYLE and

            volunteer Elizabeth Hughes

   2008 Retriever/Labrador WALTON and

            volunteer Clare Copland

   2007 Cavalier King Charles KATY and

            volunteer Alys Watson

            & Labrador NINA and Volunteer Pat Howard

   2006 German Shepherd Dog FROST and

            volunteer Trudy Marwick

   2005 Labrador MILLAR and

            volunteer Judith Hamlett

   2004 Whippet/Collie Cross JETTA and

            volunteer James Fernie

   2003 Tibetan Spaniel ALI BABA and

            volunteer Fionna Ferguson

   2002 German Shepherd Dog BRODIE and

            volunteer Pat Riddell

   2001 English Springer Spaniel EILIDH and

            volunteer Anne Macdonald

   2000 Border Collies GLEN, SPOT & MEG and

            volunteer Susan Ross

   1999 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel SALLY and                      volunteer Ann Gordon

   1998 Border Collie SKIPPER and

            volunteer Bill Gorman

   1997 Nigerian Bush Dog JUDGE and

            volunteer Catherine Strang


Therapet Organiser

of The year







         2019 Barry Williamson

        2018 Fiona Watts

        2017 John Kerr

         2016 Maureen Thomson

         2015 Marion Livingstone

         2014 Harry Grieg

         2013 James Macdonald


         2012 Linda Whitby


         2011 Aberdeen Team


         2010 Norma Murray


         2009 Ann Hughes


         2008 Lynsey Thomson


         2007 Aberdeen Team


         2006 Maureen Hill


         2005 Vivien Moen


         2004 Norma Murray


         2003 Douglas Ruthven


         2002 Diane Wood


         2001 Fiona Henderson



Iain Whyte Memorial Award










      2019 Aberdeen International Airport

      2018 Norma Murray


      2017 Vivien Moen


      2016 Douglas Ruthven


      2015 Edinburgh Volunteer Centre


      2014 Elizabeth Craik


      2013 Maureen Hill


      2012 Anne Macdonald


      2011 James Macdonald


      2010 John Stead


      2009 Douglas Ruthven


      2008 Marjorie Henley Price


      2007 George Leslie


      2006 Kirkintilloch & D D T C


      2005 Anne Macdonald


      2004 Scottish Kennel Club


      2003 John & Mick Stead


      2002 Glasgow City Council Land Services


      2001 James Macdonald


      2000 Betty Lawson-Whyte


      1999 Aida Russell


      1998 Scottish Kennel Club


      1997 Marjorie Henley Price


      1996 Jimmy Logan


      1995 Lesley Fitz-Simons


      1994 Richard O’Grady


      1993 Archie Gardner


      1992 David Lindsay


      1991 Bill Reilly


      1990 Robin Hall


      1989 Yvonne Watson

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