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The Presentation and Awards Luncheon took place on Sunday 25th November 2018 at the Marriot Hotel, Edinburgh.

Awards were made to individuals in the following catogaries: -

IMG_5743 - TofTYr 2018.jpg
IMG_5747 - Ar Rep of the Year 2018.jpg

Picture Above; L to R ~

Patron Rosemary Long, Therapet Volunteer Catherine Kenny with Corrib and Mark Oszczypala from Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd

(Dog Food kindly donated by; Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd)

Picture Above; L to R ~

CCST Chairman Allan Sim, Patron Rosemary Long, Area Representative Fiona Watts and Mark Oszczypala from 

Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd

Spencer Award for Therapet of The Year

This award was donated by Tom and Dorothy Wilkins, whose Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, SPENCER, was the very first dog to be registered in the Therapet scheme, way back in 1988.  


This year we have received 12 nominations in respect of Therapets all of whom do magnificent work and of whom their owners can be justifiably proud.  Unfortunately, there can only be one winner and the selection of the winner falls to our Trustees to decide – a very difficult task indeed!  In fact, only seven of our Trustees vote – the eighth, the Chairman, is held in reserve for a casting vote in case of a tie for the award.  This year the voting was closer than ever with just one point separating the winner and runner up


The WINNER of THERAPET OF THE YEAR FOR 2018 is Golden Retriever “Corrib” very proudly owned by Catherine Kenny of Johnstone, Renfrewshire.  


CORRIB, a Golden Retriever, owned and nominated by Catherine Kenny of Johnston in Renfrewshire


In her submission Catherine wrote:


“Corrib and I enjoy the experiences we have operating for the Therapet Service for Canine Concern Scotland Trust in various roles.


“We spend one morning every fortnight in Ward 36 (older adult acute mental health) at the Royal Alexandra Hospital, Paisley spending time with patients who have dementia.


“We also visit Dykebar Hospital in Paisley, again for a morning, this is a non acute older mental health ward with occasional visits to the young adult mental health ward as required.


“We spend sometime every fortnight with a non verbal adult with learning difficulties from the Richmond Fellowship.


“Every week during term time we spend a morning with children involved with the Reading With Dogs programme at Arkleston Primary School in Renfrew.


“We participate when required in the Paws Against Stress events at various universities.


“These are varied demands placed on Corrib in these roles but he copes very well and adapts to the demand with both the younger and older clients.  At home he is a playful dog who enjoys lng walks, swimming and a good game of tug!!  He is a strong dog but when he puts on his Therapet jacket it is as if he knows that he has to be cal, gentle and responsible.


“Corrib and I have had many memorable experiences from these various roles.  The role we play is always very rewarding and our experiences always leave me uplifted.  As he is still a young dog Corrib’s reward is a good long walk at the end of sessions with a good swim!


“Various patients have formed strong attachments to Corrib – one discharged patient was so attached that I felt we should visit him in his nursing home.   The primary school has claimed him as an “Arkie” dog and has invited him to Christmas and end of term shows, which he thoroughly enjoys as he is treated like a VIP guest!


“Corrib was invited to attend the Volunteer Thank You party at the RAH recently celebrating 70 years of the NHS and 80 years of the RVS volunteers.


“Some of the Arkleston pupils have now left but have enjoyed Corrib’s visits so much that they have requested that he continues working with them in high school.”


Nominations forms with glowing commendations were received from Ward 36 Royal Alexandra Hospital, Richmond Fellowship, Dykebar Hospital and Arkleston Primary School.

Therapet Organiser
of The year

This award was donated in memory of a very special gentleman and his very special dog – Dr Morris Andrew and Daniel the Spaniel!!   It was made by members of his family who agreed that it should go to the Therapet Organiser of the Year since Morris himself, as well as being a Trustee, represented Edinburgh for many years.


The Award is not voted on.  The Administration Team, decides on the recipient.    It is not easy an easy choice.  We have so many wonderful people around Scotland who give of their valuable time and do magnificent work for the Trust and have made the Therapet Service the success it is. We thank them all.

The winner this year is one of our Area Representatives for the Aberdeen  Fiona Watts. 


Fiona became a Therapet volunteer in 2014 and towards the end of 2016 agreed to join Linda Macdonald and Diane Wood as an additional Area Representative.  Under Linda’s guidance Fiona quickly became very effective in her new role and when Linda retired at the end of 2017 Fiona took on considerably more responsibility.  In 2018 she has made significant progress with the organisation of all aspects of the Therapet service - core visiting, PAWS Against Stress and Reading with Dogs.  The number of volunteers in her area continues to increase so that more and more people are benefiting.  Very importantly Fiona keeps the office fully informed about the work she is doing.


Co Area Representative for Aberdeen and Trustee Diane Wood said:


Fiona , Linda and I had been working as a team for the last couple of years, Fiona took over from Linda McDonald a year ago and since then we work very closely together on all aspects of looking after Aberdeen city and shire.


Fiona is always out either assessing dogs, checking placements, going along with new volunteers to placements and volunteering at the many places she goes to herself. She is force to be reckoned with in the most lovely way. And she is super organised.


Bruno, Peter and Fiona are a great team. Fiona will be the supervisor on some PAWS sessions while Peter and Bruno will either be there volunteering or in reserve to step in at a moment’s notice in case someone drops out. Teamwork!


She so deserves  this award for all her hard work and dedication to CCST and as a relatively new area rep she is amazing – taking over all the placements in ARI and coordinating with the team there to try and get the wards the dogs they ask for.

Well done Fiona – you ROCK!


We greatly appreciate everything that Fiona has done and is doing, and she is a very worthy winner of the Therapet Organiser of the Year Award 2018.


Special Award


Occasionally the Trustees decide to make a special award in addition to the normal awards.  This year they decided to honour a lady who has just retired from her role as Area Representative for West Dunbartonshire.


Susan Ross joined as a Therapet volunteer in 1989 with her Border Collies Glen, Spot and Meg who were joint Therapet of the Year in 2000.  Susan became Area Representative and also served on the Committee of Management for many years.  She was an extremely hard worker at the very successful Companion Dog Shows that we used to organise in Queens Park, Glasgow every year.


We are sorry to lose Susan as an Area Representative and thank her for all her endeavours in that role but we are delighted that she will continue to be a very active Therapet volunteer with Border Collie Jess

IMG_5710 - Susan Ross.jpg

Picture Above; L to R ~

Special Award Winner Susan Ross and Patron Rosemary Long

Picture Above; L to R ~

CCST Chairman Allan Sim, Patron Rosemary Long, Area Representative Norma Murray and Mark Oszczypala from 

Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd

(Dog Food kindly donated by; Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd)


Iain Whyte Memorial Award



The next award is the prestigious IAIN WHYTE MEMORIAL AWARD, donated by Betty Lawson-Whyte in memory of her first husband who was a great admirer of the work carried out by Canine Concern Scotland Trust. 


The award is made to a person or organisation whose work has been of special benefit to the Trust over the past year or over a period of years.  Over the years some very special people and organisations have been given the award.


This year the award went to someone who has given long and dedicated service to the Trust as Therapet volunteer, Area Representative for Dundee & Angus and a Trustee – Norma Murray.


Norma became a Therapet Volunteer in 1998 with her beloved Simba who was a rescued Llasa Apso.  In 2000 she became our Area Representative for Tayside which included Perthsire as well as Dundee & Angus which is the area she now looks after.    Norma has worked tirelessly over the last 18 years looking after her team of Therapet volunteers.  In most years she invited her volunteers, and their Therapets, to her home in Froickheim for a garden party – a great way  for the volunteers to get to know each other.  As well the regular work of carrying out assessments of potential Therapets, and of arranging for them and their owners to visit, Norma was frequently giving talks to interested and diverse groups, about responsible dog ownership and the benefits of the Therapet Service.


In 2016 Norma was invited to join the Board of Trustees.


Sadly for all of us Norma has decided to retire.  In fact she retired from the Board at the end of August and will retire as Area Representative at the end of December.  It was very appropriate therefore to present her with the Iain Whyte Memorial Award as an expression of sincere thanks for all that she has contributed to Canine Concern Scotland Trust and the Therapet Service.

Edited Image 2014-4-10-12:14:38
Miss Matty Award 
The Miss Matty Award award is for the top individual fund raiser at sponsored events.  This year, This year it has been won by Gaby Beresford of Grantown on Spey
Gaby was unable to attend the lunch this year and her award was picked up by Area Representative Margaret Ewing on the day.
Sorry no picture available
IMG_5753 - Ki-Chu-Asha Stars.jpg

Picture Above; L to R ~

CCST Chairman Allan Sim, Patron Rosemary Long and

Area Representative Margaret Ewing

(Dog Food kindly donated by; Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd)

Ki-Chu-Asha Stars of Hope

Memorial Trophy


The Ki-Chu-Asha Stars of Hope Memorial Trophy, which was donated by Jean Llamo, is for the organiser whose walk raised the most money.   This year it was won by our new Area Representative for Badenoch & Strathspey, Margaret Ewing.   

IMG_5756 - 20year awards.jpg

Picture Above; L to R ~

CCST Chairman Allan Sim, Area Representative Marion Livingstone, 

Patron Rosemary Long, Area Representative Norma Murray and Trustee Douglas Ruthven

20 year Service Awards 

A few years ago the Trustees introduced 20 year service awards for members who had given 20 or more years of active participation in the Trust’s work.  At that point we presented awards to 15 members and we have made a number of similar awards since.


This year three members have qualified:-


Margaret McVitie of the Borders.  Margaret has been a regular visitor over the years and currently visits with her Labrador Mac.  Margaret was not able to be with us today but her award will be received by Area Representative for the Borders. Marion Livingstone, on her behalf.


Norma Murray of Angus who has been a Therapet volunteer, Area Representative for Dundee & Angus and a Trustee.


Douglas Ruthven of Edinburgh who is a Trustee and a current Therapet Volunteer and was for many years the sole Area Representative for Edinburgh & The Lothians.  In 2017 he was awarded the British Empire Medal.

We thank them all for their long and dedicated service.

IMG_5700 - dinner is served.jpg
IMG_5697 - cakes.jpg

Special 30th Year Anniversary cakes

For Humans and dog friendly ones as well

Baked by Mick Stead

IMG_5705 - RL cutting cake.jpg

Picture Above; L to R ~

Patron Rosemary Long cutting the 30th Anniversary cake

watched over by CEO Nick Henley Price

IMG_5750 - nominnees.jpg

Therpet Volunteers  with their certificates, rosettes with Chairman of Trustees Allan Sim,  

Patron Rosemary and Mark Oszczypala from Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd

(Dog Food kindly donated by; Burns Pet Nutrition Ltd) 

 "Photos courtesy of CCST Volunteer Marian McLeod

Spencer Award for Therapet of The Year
"Runners Up"

​The very close RUNNER-UP for Therapet of the Year was 

"Noodle", a Beagle, owned and nominated by Amy McKenzie also of Aberdeen.


In her submission Amy wrote:

“I am so incredibly proud of the wonderful work Noodle has done over the last year.. 

Not only is she visiting a care home fortnightly and primary and academy weekly, but she also does a lot of work with the Paws Against Stress Scheme.”


Noodle visits Pitmedden Primary School, Auchtercrag Care Home, Inverurie Academy, Scotland’s Rural College, Robert Gordon University, Causeway View and Shared Lives.


Letters of commendation from Pitmedden Scchool, Auchtercrag Care Home, and Inverurie Academy accompanied the Boodle’s nomination.

The SECOND RUNNER-UP for Therapet of the Year was

"Bruno", a German Shepherd Dog, owned and nominated by Fiona and Peter Watts of Aberdeen.


In his submission Peter wrote:

“I am putting Bruno forward for the Spencer Award because of great good nature. Ability to quickly switch from play to calm and general unflappability, backed by a busy visitation schedule and that he has covered virtually all the types of work done by Therapets.”


In the last year Bruno has:

  • Attended 55 Reading With Dogs sessions covering 8 schools

  • Attended 6 schools for Talks & Presentations

  • Made 28 Therapet visits

  • On 28 occasions assisted in phobia treatment

Other Therapet’s nominated who did not quite make it into the first three places are each presented with a certificate of nomination and a special rosette. 

Listed in alphabetical order.

"Carrie" Christine Fairgrieve’s Old English Sheepdog from North Lanarkshire

"Coco" Barbara Cooney’s Curly Coated Retriever from Fife

“Dylan” Finlay McDonald’s Labradoodle from Dundee & Angus

“Fudge” David Brown’s Labrador Retriever from Argyll

“Jamie” Jeanette Kean’s Whippet from Stirlingshire

“Maggie” Lise Tole’s Coton De Tulear from Edinburgh

“Max” Avril Abbott’s West Highland White Terrier from Dundee & Angus

“Pepper” Allison Aspinall’s Working Cocker Spaniel from Edinburgh

“Robbie” Marylin Killen’s Border Collie from Ayrshire

"Shadow" Bryan Robertson’s Saluki Lurcher Cross from Stirlingshire

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